[ˈlev(ə)l] noun I
1) [C] the amount of something that exists at a particular time
Unemployment is now at its lowest level for 15 years.[/ex]
Many people have to cope with high levels of stress at work.[/ex]
2) [C] the height of something in a container or on a surface
The river is at its highest level for several years.[/ex]
Check the level of fluid in the tank.[/ex]
3) [C/U] a standard of academic ability
This is an excellent book for advanced level students.[/ex]
4) [C/U] a part or stage in a system that has several parts or stages
Decisions should be taken at local, not national, level.[/ex]
These social changes will affect everyone, at all levels of society.[/ex]
5) [C/U] one of the floors in a building
a garage at basement level[/ex]
6) [C] a particular way of relating to someone or something
I get on with Frank very well on a personal level, but we just can't work together![/ex]
level */*/[ˈlev(ə)l]
1) flat, smooth, and not sloping up or down
We found a nice level spot for a picnic.[/ex]
Add two level teaspoons of salt.[/ex]
2) at the same height
They stood so that their shoulders were level.[/ex]
My head was level with George's chin.[/ex]
3) equal in a competition
At half time the two sides were level on 15 points each.[/ex]
verb [T]
level [ˈlev(ə)l]
1) to make something flat
Level the ground carefully before you lay the paving stones.[/ex]
2) to destroy a building or group of buildings
3) to make something equal
James' goal levelled the score at three all.[/ex]
- level sth against sb
- level sth at sb
- level off
- level sth off
- level with sb

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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